Information about the driver

Rental Ages:
The minimum rental age is 21 years.
The maximum rental age is 75 years.


Driving License Requirements:
For the rental process of your vehicle, we need a valid European or international driving license issued at least one year ago.


Fuel Policy:
The rented vehicle is delivered to you with a certain amount of gasoline. You must return it with the same level of gasoline, otherwise you will be charged the difference.


Fines and penalties:
During the rental period of the vehicle (contract period), you are liable for road fines or parking tickets for the particular vehicle on the island of Paros.


Loss or Destruction of a Key:
In case of loss or damage to the key of the car during the contract period, you are responsible for its value and delivery cost.


If the vehicle is returned with major stains or requiring special cleaning, special cleaning fee will be charged

Rental Extension:
If the renter wishes to keep the vehicle longer, you should contact Coolcar rentals to check availability.


Transporting vehicles on ferries:
Only with prior written approval of Coolcar rentals. No damages to the rented car during transportation will be covered.


Vehicle Category Changes:
The company reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car than the original one with a same, or greater category car.